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  • ams@alvinasschools.org
  • 14 Oneya Road, Off Ovie Palace Road, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria.

    Alvina’s Model School (AMS) is an international, multicultural, multi-faith school in Effurun, Nigeria offering a blend of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Nigeria and UK Curriculum and Montessori schemes of the highest standard in our Nursery and Primary School.
    The school’s safe conducive environment and holistic (Hand, Heart and Mind) approach to learning provides a happy, stimulating, well-rounded educational experience for children from various backgrounds and social status.
    Students are encouraged to grow into well educated, confident; self disciplined young adults with the potential to be future leaders. We teach our children etiquette lessons, good health habits and social values preparing them for the realities of Nigeria and the world.
    The School enjoys a professional but friendly relationship with its parents, teachers and staff. Alvina’s Model School is essentially a big happy family with Christian beliefs and values at its centre. Love, trust, respect and integrity are promoted as service to God and man.


    Our vision at Alvina’s Model School is to empower each child, to acquire, apply, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will propel him/her, to participate in and contribute to the ever changing 21st century global community through her dedicated staff in partnership with our supportive parents. Alvina’s Model School aims to inspire, challenge, support and empower our students to become:

    • Successful Learners
    • Skilled Individuals
    • Confident Individuals
    • Responsible Citizens
    • Effective Contributors
    Essentially, this means that we are striving to ensure our students are actively participating in an education that helps them to become happy, healthy people with the academic attainment and personal achievements they need to realize their ambitions.


    Our mission is to create a conducive environment that helps the development of the whole child. This ensures that the child is spiritually transformed, academically aspired, emotionally balanced, physically energetic, socially interactive and artistically creative.



    We believe that teamwork is a powerful asset and that each team member brings his/ her own expertise and experience. Together we are committed to excel in every task.


    We show respect for others and self.


    We are consistent in our words and actions based on the highest standards of trust, honesty and moral behaviour.


    We find the courage to challenge convention. We dare to dream of the possibilities. No idea is too small or too big.

    Self - Discipline

    We can do what is right even when it is hard to do so.

    Trust in God

    We trust that with God all things are possible. We never give up even when facing challenges.


    We believe everyone has the potential to achieve their God given purpose. We aspire greatness, to dream big and to aim high.


    We believe everyone should be given freedom within boundaries to make safe choices, through the provision of a safe environment and empowering education.